At Lizzy’s All Natural, we see the healthy smoothies that you enjoy as a product of our love and passion. Aligning ourselves with the idea that you are what you eat, everything that goes into your smoothies is carefully prepared and washed with filtered water (and using Soapnut Republic’s eco-friendly veggie wash). We dry and peel the produce before blending whenever applicable because we only want the nutrients of the produce going into your systems, nothing more! We also prepare ingredients to optimize their bio-availability, for example our nuts are soaked for activation and to remove phytic acid and we make sure to use either super fresh produce or IQF items.

*Drinking a green juice or smoothie is going to be only as healthy as the quality of produce that goes into it. If you are making or buying a drink containing conventionally grown produce and it hasn’t been washed properly, you may be drinking chemicals and pesticides.*

Unlike most conventional juices or smoothies which primarily focus on taste rather than benefit toward the body, all ingredients in Lizzy’s All Natural smoothies serve a purpose and certain ingredients are combined to optimize biological and chemical reactions. Every smoothie was crafted by Elizabeth, drawing upon her nutrition background and health coaching experience.

Now don’t be deceived, we enjoy a delicious smoothie as much as you do, which is why we have a variety of tastes and colours; but behind each blend is a carefully calculated recipe to ensure your body is getting what it needs. What might this look like? Coconut oil and some ginger for immunity boosting, Maca root for balancing rising cortisol levels and its effects, raw Cacao for its antioxidants and Spirulina for our iron and protein needs – alongside a whole range of other superfoods! What we end up with is a wholesome package that is deceptively good for you.

At Lizzy’s All Natural we are:

BLENDING only the cleanest, freshest produce and superfood ingredients

SERVING homemade, living foods that make you look and feel great

SHARING information that can empower positive choices

GROWING a community that is passionate about healthy living

Espresso Beans
Watering Plants at Greenhoues

Since the very beginning, all the produce used in our smoothies at Lizzy’s All Natural have come from Gusto Fine Foods. Gusto is the premier grower of specialty Western vegetables for chefs in nearly all of China’s 5-star hotels and restaurants.

The people behind Gusto’s adhere to a high standard of food security and ensure that the food produced is of utmost quality by Western sustainable growing and food safety standards.

Having worked closely with them since the conception of Lizzy’s All Natural and even before then, Elizabeth regularly spends time at the farms run by Gusto to personally engage with the people behind the beautiful produce and to truly understand the standards by which they operate.

Aside from the produce we source from Gusto, we pack our smoothies with even more nutrients and vitamins through the use of amazing superfoods.

The superfoods found in Lizzy’s All Natural’s smoothies come from all around the globe, with us sourcing as many organic and fair-trade suppliers as possible. For example, our raw cacao powder is sourced from an organic, fair-trade farm in Peru. The coconut oil used at Lizzy’s is virgin, cold-pressed and raw from an organic farm in the Philippines.

We are especially excited about our cold brew coffee beans, sourced from Cafe del Volcan’s very own family farm, certified organic and fair trade in Guatemala.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, when it makes sense we love to find local ingredients. We are excited to be partnered with Yunnan-based Shangri La Farms for our honey and bee pollen (which tastes like rose petals). We also source our Goji berries, hemp seeds and more from responsible suppliers in China as well.

Elizabeth’s relationship with whole foods and superfoods have aided in us picking and choosing which superfood to use and which brands to endorse. Everything we put in your smoothies we gladly put in ourselves too! Quality of fresh ingredients is our top priority.

Environment Assured Water

Not only do we pride ourselves on sourcing you the best ingredients, Lizzy’s All Natural smoothies use filtered water as well. Being in Shanghai, the water we are exposed, bottled or not, is filled with sediment, chloramines, chemicals, heavy metals and microbial parasites. To ensure water safety, Lizzy’s All Natural smoothies use an outstanding water filter made by Environment Assured. This water filter is comprised of parts made in the United States and Canada, and is unique in its ability to filter chloramine.

The main filter used in Environment Assured’s system is from US-based Selecto Scientific. They are the world’s number 1 provider of high-flow modular filtration systems and binder-free carbon technology.

In addition to the filtration devices, Environment Assured’s system is also equipped with a Viqua/Trojan UV sterilization system which is the world leader in commercial water treatment. Their UV systems provide safe drinking water across the globe, from New York to Shanghai and are trusted by hundreds of thousands businesses.