Fly Better with Lizzy’s Travel Kit! | 带上Lizzy’s迷你套装去旅行!

Lizzy's Travel Kit In the Air & On-the-Go

Travel Emergency Kit Lizzy’s飞行套餐   INTRO: 你知道吗? Have you ever had swollen limbs, dizziness, headaches, cramps or sore throat while on a long airplane trip? With sudden pressure changes, exposure to germs and stress related to low oxygen levels, flying can wreak havoc on our bodies. 在长时间的高空飞行过程中,你是否有过四浮肿,眩晕,头疼,痉挛或者咽疼的经历?由于压力的变化,接触细菌和缺氧环境,空中飞行会让我们的身体变得虚弱。 Lizzy’s travel kit will help protect and nourish […]

Tips to Restart your Cleanse Mode! | 想尝试清体?先来看看Lizzy的建议!

Hot Drink

Food can be our biggest asset or worst enemy when it comes to health. At Lizzy’s, our philosophy is that good, clean living food is preventative medicine and can help to heal the body. 食物可以强壮我们的身体也可以摧毁我们的健康。在Lizzy’s, 我们相信优质,纯净,天然的食物能治愈我们的身心。 How to tell if you need detox?Symptoms of toxin overload: Low energy, Brain fog, Excess weight, Poor sleep quality, […]