Defend the Amazon | Lizzy’s关爱亚马逊雨林公益募捐 Fundraiser for the Amazon


根据亚马逊合作条约组织(ACTO)数据统计,作为世界上最大的雨林,地球上四分之一的物种在亚马逊雨林被发现,有30,000种植物、2,500种鱼类、1,500种鸟类、500种哺乳动物、550种爬行动物和250万种昆虫。 As the world’s largest rainforest, a quarter of the Earth’s species are found there, namely 30,000 types of plants, 2,500 fish, 1,500 birds, 500 mammals, 550 reptiles and 2.5 million insects, according to the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). 亚马逊雨林在控制地球二氧化碳水平方面也发挥着至关重要的作用。 据世界野生动物基金会(WWF)统计,各种绿色植物在光合作用过程中释放氧气的同时吸收更多的二氧化碳,能吸收900到1400亿吨二氧化碳, 这对于缓解全球变暖有很大的帮助。 The Amazon plays a crucial role in controlling the earth’s carbon dioxide levels.  […]

Going Green | 与Lizzy’s共同环保,赢绿色果昔 | Earn Green Smoothies!


在Lizzy’s,我们始终以绿色环保作为我们的使命之一。从公司成立以来,我们就把可持续发展作为企业的核心价值观,并视为健康生活方式必不可分的一部分。 At Lizzy’s we are on a mission to do well, do good and grow green along the way. From the start, we have made sustainability a core value of our business and an inseparable part of healthy living. 今年,我们不断地调整、优化产品的可持续发展性。我们迫不及待地想要和你分享Lizzy’s今年的成果: This year, we have been working hard to do a full company internal eco audit […]

科普贴 | 蔬果昔VS果汁,哪个更好?| Smoothies versus Juice, which is better?


一提到Lizzy’s,大家肯定首先会想到蔬果昔,因为我们的初衷是想提供给大家整个新鲜蔬菜和水果的营养。而蔬果昔也因含有丰富膳食纤维而广受欢迎。Lizzy’s has been blending smoothies since the very beginning because we celebrate the whole foods and high nutrient content of fresh fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are also famous for being high in fiber.   膳食纤维不止一种 There’s more than one type of fiber 我们都知道多吃些膳食纤维是一件好事,但你知道膳食纤维不止一种吗?膳食纤维分为可溶性膳食纤维和不可溶性膳食纤维。 We all know how fiber is an essential nutrient but did you […]