Going Green | 与Lizzy’s共同环保,赢绿色果昔 | Earn Green Smoothies!


在Lizzy’s,我们始终以绿色环保作为我们的使命之一。从公司成立以来,我们就把可持续发展作为企业的核心价值观,并视为健康生活方式必不可分的一部分。 At Lizzy’s we are on a mission to do well, do good and grow green along the way. From the start, we have made sustainability a core value of our business and an inseparable part of healthy living. 今年,我们不断地调整、优化产品的可持续发展性。我们迫不及待地想要和你分享Lizzy’s今年的成果: This year, we have been working hard to do a full company internal eco audit […]

7天西芹汁挑战,你敢来吗?!| Join Lizzy’s 7 Days Celery Juice Challenge!


近几十年以来,西芹汁一直被誉为可以治疗世界各地的人。尤其近年来,医疗灵媒安东尼·威廉更为这款神奇的果汁带来了名人效应。 威廉在书中写到:“西芹汁在正确的方式下饮用,就是一种强大而神奇的良药,人们逐渐发现它所提供的好处,比如皮肤变得更干净、消化变得更好、腹胀感更少、能量更持久、思维更清晰、更有助于减肥以及情绪更稳定等等。” For decades, celery juice has been celebrated as a healing therapy for people around the world. In recent years, Medical Medium Anthony William has brought a celebrity spotlight to this magic elixir. William claims that “Because celery juice, when consumed in the right way, is a powerful and miraculous healing remedy and people […]

Lizzy’s Emergency Travel Kit Takes Flight!


Lizzy’s is thrilled to officially launch our Travel Kit sets, a pack you can carry on for your next plane, train or automobile trip! The set consists of 10 superfood smoothies and elixir shots, all in travel approved containers. The Kit is conveniently carried in a cooler bag with an ice pack to keep your […]