Going Green | 与Lizzy’s共同环保,赢绿色果昔 | Earn Green Smoothies!


在Lizzy’s,我们始终以绿色环保作为我们的使命之一。从公司成立以来,我们就把可持续发展作为企业的核心价值观,并视为健康生活方式必不可分的一部分。 At Lizzy’s we are on a mission to do well, do good and grow green along the way. From the start, we have made sustainability a core value of our business and an inseparable part of healthy living. 今年,我们不断地调整、优化产品的可持续发展性。我们迫不及待地想要和你分享Lizzy’s今年的成果: This year, we have been working hard to do a full company internal eco audit […]