Brunch 周末假期的欢颂 | A Holiday Celebration


假期终于可以肆无忌惮地睡到自然醒,在秋日和煦的阳光中懒洋洋地醒来。 挑选一家别致的咖啡厅或是美食商圈,精心的打扮一番,约上三五好友吃顿Brunch,一起谈天说地。 During the holiday, we can finally wake up naturally with warm autumn sunshine. Choose a chic coffee shop or food mall, dress up, meet up with some close friends, and chat together in the late morning. Brunch is a favorite time during holidays and get-togethers.    Brunch吃什么 | What do you eat? 班尼迪克蛋 Eggs Benedict Eggs […]

科普贴 | 蔬果昔VS果汁,哪个更好?| Smoothies versus Juice, which is better?


一提到Lizzy’s,大家肯定首先会想到蔬果昔,因为我们的初衷是想提供给大家整个新鲜蔬菜和水果的营养。而蔬果昔也因含有丰富膳食纤维而广受欢迎。Lizzy’s has been blending smoothies since the very beginning because we celebrate the whole foods and high nutrient content of fresh fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are also famous for being high in fiber.   膳食纤维不止一种 There’s more than one type of fiber 我们都知道多吃些膳食纤维是一件好事,但你知道膳食纤维不止一种吗?膳食纤维分为可溶性膳食纤维和不可溶性膳食纤维。 We all know how fiber is an essential nutrient but did you […]

Coconut Yogurt: Dairy Free Breakfast Treat!

White Background Coconut Yogurt #1

Coconut yogurt: What is coconut yogurt? No, this is not artificially flavoured cow’s milk yogurt. Instead, we start with the meat of sweet young Thai coconuts that we blend it into rich homemade coconut “milk”, a dairy free alternative to cow’s milk. We then ferment this creamy, rich base with seven different strains of bacteria cultures that […]