For next morning delivery, please pre-order smoothies before 2pm.

Our normal delivery hours are 11am-7pm. For delivery outside of Lizzy’s delivery times, please contact us about our alternative delivery methods.

Lizzy's Delivery Range

Delivery Range Locations Mar 2016


We accept WeChat pay.

If you would prefer to pay on a weekly basis, please let us know in advance and we will prepare receipts accordingly.

With each delivery, we will send a 收据 that should be signed by your contact receiving the smoothies. Fapiaos can be issued with a 6% service charge.

Ordering Through Lizzy’s WeChat Store:

Add Lizzy’s official WeChat!


Click Menu on the bottom of the screen, 选购(the button with shopping tags) then choose what you would like along the side!

Click the red (+) button to add to your cart. Please note that delivery is free for orders over 300 RMB. For smaller orders, delivery fee starts at 16 RMB and varies based on delivery address.

To confirm, select 选好了.

Then select 去结算 to pay through WeChat.

Fill in your personal information and then click on the bottom red button to confirm your order!

Alternatively, you can also WeChat message @lizzysallnatural with the smoothie or item you would like and the quantity you need. If you do not receive a confirmation reply within 2 hours, please call our shop at 150-0027-8327.