Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I buy at Lizzy’s All Natural?

We make superfood smoothies and offer over 50 blends including detoxing greens, hydrating H₂O’s, nut milks, energizing coffees, shakes, nourishing fruits and yogurts. We have also recently added a range of hot drinks to our menu to enjoy over the winter months. In addition, we sell homemade vegan soups, granola, nut butters, chia pots, yogurts, paleo baked goods, and salads. Our menu continues to expand, so visit our stores to see what we have to offer!

  • When did your stores open and what are their opening hours?

Our flagship store opened in May 2015 in Anken Life complex. We are open 7am-7pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on weekends. We also have a store on Julu Lu, open Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm, while our location on Shaanxi Nan Lu is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and weekends 10am to 8pm. 

  • Why do you use glass bottles?

Many plastics made in China are contaminated and risk leaching of chemicals. Glass is safer for the integrity of the drinks and can also be reused and recycled.

  • Do you recycle the bottles?

Yes. We clean, sanitize and reuse our glass bottles! Please return them to us whenever possible. We also love to take back cooler bags and other packaging for reuse or recycling. You can either bring them back to the store or return them to the Kate & Kimi driver with your next delivery.

  • Who is Lizzy?

Founder of the brand, Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the US. She moved to China in 2013 and launched Lizzy’s All Natural in 2014 when supplying green smoothies to clients and friends. Read more here.

•    What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

A smoothie is made with a blender using the whole vegetable/fruit/nut/spice so none of that good fiber is removed in the process. Smoothies are usually more filling and result in a steady balanced absorption by your body. The blender tears hard-to-break fibers, effectively pre-chewing your salad mix, thus the nutrients are more easily absorbed by your body.

A juicer extracts the water and nutrients from the pulp (fiber) of the fruit/veg so there is direct absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. The downside of fruit juices in particular is that they can cause blood sugar spikes and can be hard on your liver to process. If you want to juice, go green! Lastly, the quality of juicer makes a huge difference in terms of oxidization and extraction levels.

•    How long do your smoothies last?

Our smoothies are made with all natural ingredients (no preservatives) and should be consumed immediately if possible! The fresher, the better. If you must wait, drink within 2-3 days and keep them very chilled. You can also pour into a non-breakable container and freeze; however, keep in mind the consistency will not be the same.

    Where do you source your ingredients?

Our produce is sourced from Gusto Fine Foods, the premier grower of specialty vegetables for chefs in nearly all of China’s 5-star hotels and restaurants. Our superfood ingredients are sourced from around the world to ensure superior quality. For example, our raw cacao is from an organic fair-trade farm in Peru, and our cold pressed virgin coconut oil is from the Philippines. We take great care in sourcing and work only with suppliers with integrity.

•    Are your smoothies suitable for children?

We love when kids drink raw, living clean foods! We believe fresh greens are the best preventative medicine and the foundation of a strong immune system, healthy body and clear mind. If your child has allergies or a certain condition, please check the ingredient lists first and consult your doctor. Kids especially love Strawberry Sweetheart, a sweet and creamy blend made with our homemade organic yogurt, and Youth & Beauty made with avocado, kale and mint.

•    Do your smoothies contain dairy?

Apart from our limited range of yogurt-based blends, all of our smoothies are dairy free. We prefer to use house made fresh coconut, hemp, almond or cashew non-dairy “milks” in our smoothies.

•    Are the smoothies gluten free?

All of our smoothies are gluten free apart from those containing oats (Rise & Shine).

•    Are your ingredients organic?

Ah… a tricky question, especially in China, as that word has taken on many meanings over time. Be aware: we are extremely skeptical of organic marketing and even the certification itself. When sourcing, Lizzy focuses on building meaningful relationships with people who truly care about their product, not their product’s profit margin, and with farms committed to quality above all else. Through surprise visits, testing, and incessant questioning, Lizzy has built up a network of responsible suppliers. Many of these suppliers also have international versions of organic certification – but this is only a side note and not a requirement.

•    Do you wash your produce?

We take great care and pride in cleaning our produce. Juicing unwashed produce means you are most likely drinking pesticides, chemical residues, and who knows what else – even if produce is labeled ‘organic’ or not. We wash our fruits and vegetables with Soapnut Republic eco-friendly veggie scrub in filtered water using an epic water filter with a bacteria-zapping UV light. Come see for yourself!

•    What is a superfood?

They are foods that have a very high amount of nutrients given their size and caloric value. Some of our favorites are: cacao (hello, chocolate…), goji berries, chia, spirulina and hemp.

•    My smoothie appears to have separated. Is it still okay to drink?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for separation to occur in our smoothies in its normal life span as we use all natural ingredients with no additives. Just be sure to give it a shake before you drink!

•    What are the benefits of doing a cleanse?

Cleanses are an opportunity to reset and start building healthy habits (NOT quick fixes or weight loss schemes to swing between an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle or diet). Formulas are crafted to promote internal detoxification, longevity, alkalinity and immunity. We offer a variety of different levels to cater to your specific needs and goals. We can also create even more customized sets upon request. Keep in mind that what really matters is choices you make on the days before and after your cleanse.

  • Why go vegetarian during the cleanse?

In addition to containing toxins and creating an acidic environment in your body, most animal products are high in antibiotics and pumped full of hormones. Factory-farmed animals are not fed healthy or quality foods, which eventually end up in your body once you consume them. For the carnivores out there, don’t fear! This doesn’t have to be a permanent change. However, you may find that you feel lighter and have more energy on a vegetarian diet.

  • Can I still drink my morning coffee?

Caffeine is okay, but stick to black coffee or espresso (bonus if you get cold brew coffee – which is more than 50% less acidic). The less you drink, the better. If you can, do use this cleanse period to kick that caffeine addiction!

  • I’ve got a snack-attack. Help!

Chew your smoothies as mush as possible because it helps with the digestion process. If necessary, try munching on some raw celery sticks or a quarter of an avocado. However, unlike juices, these smoothies are filled with fiber, which should keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day.

  • Can I smoke on the cleanse?

No! The point of cleansing is to detox, not to add more toxins into your body. The same principle applies for drinking alcohol. Although challenging, this cleanse period may be the time to stop smoking altogether.

  • Can I still take supplements, vitamins or medication?

In most cases, there is no problem to continue taking medicine per usual. However, please consult your doctor with additional questions prior to trying the cleanse if you take medication or have any sort of health complications.

  • What if I have candida?

If you would like to cleanse but are worried about fructose levels, try Level 2 Intense cleanse, which contains the lowest sugar levels of all sets. For further questions, please consult your doctor.

  • Can I exercise on the cleanse?

Yes! Exercising (& sweating!) is a crucial cleansing tool. However, due to the limited calories you will be drinking, we recommend holding off on any marathons or super intense workouts while on the cleanse.

  • What if I have a work meeting, have to board a plane, or my best friend is having a birthday dinner and I can’t get all of my blends in?

If you end up needing to break the cleanse and eat solid foods for practical (or social) reasons, it is not the end of the world. Try to stick to the items on the ‘cheat sheet’ for best results. However, if possible, schedule your cleanse during a time you know you can commit 100%. You are investing in your long-term health so we hope you make the most of this time!

  • Do you have a delivery service?

Yes, we offer delivery within a 5km radius from our stores. You can place an order through our official WeChat store or by messaging our official WeChat account (lizzysallnatural). If you live farther out, you can order our smoothies online through our online grocery partner Kate & Kimi.

  • What are your delivery times?

We can typically deliver between 11am – 7pm, but please pre-order so we can best service your requested time.

  • Can you offer next-day delivery?

Yes, we can deliver the next day if you place an order between 9am-5pm.

  • What are the payment options?

You can pay directly through WeChat when you place an order.

  • Is there a minimum order for delivery?

No, there is not a minimum order for delivery.

  • Is there a delivery charge?

There is a delivery charge starting at 16 RMB (based on delivery location) for orders under 300rmb. For orders above 300 RMB, delivery is free!