Lizzy's All Natural's Cleanses

Lizzy’s All Natural cleanses are both detoxifying and nourishing, formulated and designed with the purpose of helping your body eliminate toxins by drinking a combination of our smoothies and elixir shots. Much more than just a standard juice fast, Lizzy’s cleanses were created to be a healing program that empowers your body to reset and primes it for movement toward optimal health. It combines both smoothies full of nutrients and vitamins, as well as more condensed elixir shots to be had in between smoothies. The blends flood your body with nutrients and the high fiber levels sweep and eliminate toxic build up from your body while maintaining consistent blood sugar levels.

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What does it mean to detox?

“Detoxing” really comes down to cleaning the blood and removing impurities from the liver and other key areas (such as the kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin) where toxins are processed for elimination. Our bodies are naturally designed to remove toxins. Every time you take a breath, sweat, or urinate for example, you are actually eliminating impurities. Although our bodies naturally have these detoxification systems in place (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!), the sheer toxic load in this environment can be overwhelming and by making smart food choices we can provide our bodies with additional support.


Lizzy’s All Natural cleanses are not about making drastic or dangerous dietary shifts for quick weight loss, or to force your body into starvation mode. The intention behind our cleanses is to reset and detoxify your body, kickstarting your path to optimal health and hopefully encouraging long-term amendments in poor dietary choices. Ideally you will begin to incorporate more greens into your diet, drink more water, aim to reduce or even better to eliminate processed foods and sugar. We also see the cleanse period, and both the days before and after it, as the perfect opportunity for you to remove the not-so-healthy and highly acidic items from your diet. This includes any meat, dairy, alcohol, coffee and most processed and packaged foods.

If you follow the cleanse program and stay on a healthy path thereafter, you may experience a variety of short and long term benefits including improved digestion, higher energy levels, detoxification of impurities in your blood, improved hydration, a stronger immune system and glowing skin. If you are not yet at your optimal weight, Lizzy’s All Natural cleanse may help you shed excess weight, but keep in mind that this cleanse is not to be treated as a rapid, unsustainable weight loss program – our cleanses do not require a feeling of impending doom or starvation for the duration of it.

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Level 1 Cleanse

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Level 3 Cleanse

Choosing Your Cleanse

We at Lizzy’s All Natural have been loving green smoothies and cleanses since our very conception! However, we also know that everyone is completely unique and at different stages of their relationship with cleansing. As such, we have developed a series of cleanses, each designed to be approachable to anyone and everyone. These cleanses and the frequency of your cleansing is completely up to you, and we strongly encourage that you listen to what your body is saying it needs. Should you find that these sets aren’t for you, drop us a line and we can work to craft something just for you.
Cleansing can sometimes come across daunting and intimidating, but here at Lizzy’s we’re showing you how simple and enjoyable it can be to incorporate into your everyday life, and become part of your routine. Many people practice the cleanses one day a week to allow for ongoing cleansing and maximum short-term and long-term benefits. Other people opt for either a three or five day cleanse, once a month, or perhaps with the changing of the seasons. You are also welcome to mix in healthy whole foods with smoothies for a partial liquid cleanse.