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Our mission is to make healthy living as simple and delicious as possible. We believe that you are what you eat and that your body will be as strong as the foods you put into it.

We aim to offer as much choice and variety based on what foods are seasonal and available to fit your individual needs. No matter what your age, size or body type, the most important decision you can make is to honor and listen to your body. We’re all about stripping away complicated processes, eliminating unpronounceable or fake ingredients and relishing in the joy of whole living foods.


We are on a mission to bring you the freshest on-the-go drinks. Our blends are hand-crafted using only traceable, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Each blend has been developed with specific nutrition objectives, and all are nourishing and energizing. Our respect and love for high-quality, clean foods have driven us to seek out and build relationships with like-minded, honest growers and suppliers in China and abroad. We have invested in sourcing, procuring and celebrating the best ingredients possible.


One year later, she opened the first Lizzy’s smoothie bar in the beloved Shanghai fitness and health complex, Anken Life. Through delivery and our bars, we now offer over 60 smoothie blends, detox cleanses, smoothie bowls, nut butters, energy bites, teas, organic coffee, coconut yogurt, and more.

In addition to nutrition, Elizabeth is a passionate yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer and sound therapist. She leads wellness retreats throughout Asia and is known for leading corporate workshops, public speaking and writing on a variety of wellness topics.

Elizabeth Schieffelin

Our brand was founded by Elizabeth “Lizzy”, an American Holistic Health Coach and serial entrepreneur.

Lizzy’s All Natural began with a simple green smoothie recipe back in 2014. When Elizabeth started making fresh green smoothies for her health coaching clients, the seed was planted for Lizzy’s All Natural. Interest grew and more friends and clients asked for smoothies, so Elizabeth started selling at local farmers markets, gyms and the online grocery store Kate & Kimi (

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Good food alone cannot sustain a healthy life. Essentials also include fitness, relationships, spirituality, career, sleep, and fun. Through our online and offline events and programs, we create the opportunity to explore and nourish each of these areas in your life and to connect you with a community.

Learn more about our wellness and event programs through our zenergy platform where we host daily classes, workshops and more.