Brunch 周末假期的欢颂 | A Holiday Celebration

Brunch 周末假期的欢颂 | A Holiday Celebration





During the holiday, we can finally wake up naturally with warm autumn sunshine.

Choose a chic coffee shop or food mall, dress up, meet up with some close friends, and chat together in the late morning. Brunch is a favorite time during holidays and get-togethers. 


Brunch吃什么 | What do you eat?

班尼迪克蛋 Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict算是比较经典的一款了。由Q弹嫩软的水波蛋(即蛋黄仍为液体状),中间配以煎培根或火腿,底部由黄油香煎的英式松饼组成,再淋上荷兰酱。

Eggs Benedict is a popular one. It consists of English muffin topped with a poached egg, bacon or ham, and hollandaise sauce.


英式松饼 Pancake



Pancake is a flat cake, often thin and round, prepared from a starch-based batter that may contain eggs, milk and butter and cooked on a hot surface frying pan, often frying with oil or butter. Then topped with jam, syrup or cream.


Sausage, hash browns, scrambled eggs, etc



A combination of sausage, hash browns and golden scrambled eggs is also common in brunch. But it may be a bit greasy, so many people will order a cup of coffee to match.


Lizzy’s 香烤吐司 | Toast


Brunch中的一股清流, 如果在被培根、班尼迪克蛋、松饼轮番轰炸过后,或许你会更爱这一款小清新——以发酵过的酸面包涂抹上甜菜根鹰嘴豆泥或Lizzy’s自制花生酱等,配以牛油果、香蕉或白煮蛋。此时再来一杯防弹咖啡, 这才是生活啊~

If you’re tired of bacon, Eggs Benedict, or pancake, maybe you’ll love Lizzy’s healthy toast with a base of sourdough bread. It’s a refreshing and healthy brunch option

Try a toast with Lizzy’s homemade beetroot hummus, homemade peanut butter or topped with avocado, banana or a boiled egg. At the same, enjoy a cup of bulletproof coffee. It’s perfect!


脏脏巧克力吐司 | Brownie Batter Toast



This decadent treat is rich in cacao and energizing red dates. With housemade peanut butter and coconut oil in the brownie spread, enjoy protein and good fats for skin and hair health. Walnuts are our favorite brain food and cacao nibs offer a crunch of antioxidants. Spread on sourdough toast, the brownie batter is guilt-free and healthy delight.


淘气花生酱吐司 | Cheeky Monkey Toast



The Cheeky Monkey is a sweet treat made with Lizzy’s housemade peanut butter and fresh cut bananas. With a base of sourdough bread, the toast is topped with protein-rich bee pollen and a drizzle of energizing honey. Rise and shine with the Cheeky Monkey!


摇滚牛油果吐司 | Avocado Smash Toast



We’ve created the ultimate avocado toast with an upgrade of superfood sprinkles. Chia seeds offer a high level of antioxidants, 1/3 of your dietary fiber needs and omega 3s. Sprouts are rich in protein and phytonutrients.


粉色鹰嘴豆吐司 | Electric Pink Toast



As bright and beautiful as it is nourishing, the Electric Pink Toast boasts housemade beetroot hummus and is topped with colorful seeds. Beetroot supports liver detox and is a blood builder. We recommend to add an egg for an extra protein boost.


尝鲜者评价 | Feedback from users


I love the Peanut Butter & Banana Toast. I cut in half and share with my friends during afternoon tea time.


I like the Electric Pink! It is so pretty and the tangy flavour is delicious.

– Natalie


My favorite toast is Cheeky Monkey Toast. I love the creamy taste of the peanut butter and the sweet taste is really satisfying.


The Avo Smash is my go-to brunch treat. The organic sourdough bread tastes great and I add an egg on top for a filling meal!



There’s no better time to catch up with friends or family than at brunch. Invite your friends to enjoy Lizzy’s Brunch!

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