科普贴 | 蔬果昔VS果汁,哪个更好?| Smoothies versus Juice, which is better?

科普贴 | 蔬果昔VS果汁,哪个更好?| Smoothies versus Juice, which is better?

一提到Lizzy’s,大家肯定首先会想到蔬果昔,因为我们的初衷是想提供给大家整个新鲜蔬菜和水果的营养。而蔬果昔也因含有丰富膳食纤维而广受欢迎。Lizzy’s has been blending smoothies since the very beginning because we celebrate the whole foods and high nutrient content of fresh fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are also famous for being high in fiber.



There’s more than one type of fiber

We all know how fiber is an essential nutrient but did you know that there’s more than one type of fiber? Fiber is classified into two categories: insoluble and soluble fiber.
Both types of fiber can exist in one kind of food and are beneficial to our bodies. The only difference is their role in our bodies and how they interact with it.
Insoluble fiber helps with adding bulk to waste in the digestive system, promoting intestinal movements and preventing constipation.
Soluble fiber can boost the health of good bacteria in your gut and prevent fat & sugar absorption. This is why some juice can help with adjusting blood sugar levels and lowering blood cholesterol to prevent heart diseases.


 Juice consists of soluble fiber

Even though juicing filters the solid matters of the food like insoluble fiber, it doesn’t mean all fiber is gone. In contrast to smoothies, juices consist of solely soluble fiber and can contain more vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Juices are ultimately a more convenient way to include a high quantity of nutrients in one go.
It seems like juices are a great way to absorb our essential nutrients, but there is a thing we need to keep in mind when consuming. Some juices (from fruits) contain high levels of natural sugar so if we overconsume it, we can exceed our sugar quota. Therefore, be careful of how much juice you drink daily!


 Drink smoothies or juices?


It depends on your goal!
If you want to enhance digestion, increase insoluble fiber intake, and conveniently up your intake of whole vegetables, fruits and superfoods, smoothies will be your pick. Because of the nature of the blender, you can get really creative with the types of ingredients you use – ranging from yogurts to nuts and seeds to superfood powders.Blenders do the chewing for you so your digestive system is not overloaded with breaking apart what you’re consuming.  



If you are looking to maximize your nutrient intake and improve gut bacteria without taking in too much of the bulk fiber, go for vegetable juices.

Juice can be a lighter, and very refreshing choice that supports rest and recharge of the digestive system. Be mindful not to over-consume fruit juice though! The natural sugar in fruit juice taken in high quantities without the insoluble fiber can lead to stress on the liver and hormone imbalance.



Lizzy’s new juices are waiting for you to try!


果汁 | Juice

一瓶西瓜 Watermelon Chia Pop

绿焰 Firecracker Greens

青春光芒 Green Goddess

红宝石 Ruby Roots

西青小姐 Pure Celery

胡萝卜先生 Pure Carrot


Refreshing juices are available in Lizzy’s Wechat shop, offline shops and Waimai platforms (Eleme, Meituan, Sherpa’s). If you haven’t tried any yet, don’t miss out!

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