Fly Better with Lizzy’s Travel Kit! | 带上Lizzy’s迷你套装去旅行!

Lizzy's Travel Kit In the Air & On-the-Go

Travel Emergency Kit





Have you ever had swollen limbs, dizziness, headaches, cramps or sore throat while on a long airplane trip? With sudden pressure changes, exposure to germs and stress related to low oxygen levels, flying can wreak havoc on our bodies.


Lizzy’s travel kit will help protect and nourish your body when you need it most so you can step off the plane ready to take on whatever awaits – be it the conference room or the beach.



Each kit contains 10 smoothies and elixir shots, all conveniently packed in 100ml (or smaller) bottles so they can safely make it through customs at the airport!

Keep the drinks cool with an ice pack in the sealed cooler bag. Enjoy each elixir shot as you feel you need it throughout your flight, or follow our suggested timetable.



In addition to stocking up on immunity boosting Lizzy’s smoothies, here are my top tips for safe and healthy travel:

为了大家更好的享受旅途, Lizzy也跟大家分享下她的飞行小技巧




Get extra sleep for the few nights leading up to your departure. Fortify your immune system with extra rest before you encounter germs and other sickness bugs by touching surfaces and breathing in the air at the airport and on the plane.

Hydrate! Drink 2+ liters of water per day before travel so you can eliminate any toxin build up and have extra boost for your trip. Airplanes keep humidity very low which can drain our energy and hydration levels.

coconut water

Pack extra nourishing snacks. My go-to travel snacks include a homemade trail mix with almonds, cashews, walnuts and gojis. I also pack Dali Energy Bars or homemade energy balls. If I am taking a longer flight, I will make a quinoa kale salad, cut up some carrot sticks and add in a Lizzy’s x Strictly Super Cookie!





airplane window



1. Drink at least 1-2 cups of water every hour. If you drink any caffeine or alcohol (though I suggest to avoid since these are dehydrating and often low quality on airplanes anyway), load up on extra water before and after.

2. Get up every hour or two to walk around, stretch and practice deep breathing. Keep your circulation up and joints limber to prevent post-flight soreness.

3. For longer flights, try to get some shut eye. If transit sleeping is tough for you, try taking a melatonin supplement during the flight, take advantage of the complimentary eye mask and use Calm or Headspace app to enjoy a guided meditation.

liver detox


1.  每小时喝1-2杯水,如果你喝咖啡和酒精类的饮品,那记得要喝水量要加倍哦!如果可以避免咖啡因就最好了!








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