Do a Lizzy Detox: Beauty Benefits of Cleansing | 清体-拥抱,享受最美的自己!


We have all heard about the benefits of cleansing in terms of what it does for our “insides”–including improving digestion through assisting the liver, kidneys and colon do their jobs, but did you realize that it can actually contribute to making us radiant on the outside, as well? Some benefits can include clearer skin and shinier hair.



Consuming refined sugar results in a process known as “glycation”, which damages the collagen and elastin which is what keeps our skin youthful and firm. Studies have shown that hormones in non-organic meat, dairy and poultry can contribute to acne.


By doing Lizzy’s Cleanses, you are avoiding and detoxing from both of these, which may result in seeing a more beautiful complexion! When our hair is able to grow free from internal toxins, it as well will be able to thrive-resulting in shinier, softer hair, which may even grow more quickly.



Cleansing is much more than the three or five days DURING the cleanse-and in turn, its results are meant to be longer lasting, as well. The shifts you make in your lifestyle before and after the cleanses are where the true benefits will come. After only consuming these “clean” ingredients for three to five days, you may notice your taste buds have been altered to now appreciate the difference in a Gala apple and a Granny Smith.



We hope you will be motivated to clean out any processed foods, to slow down and take time to thoroughly chew and enjoy your food, to prepare your own meals, to source quality ingredients, to focus on the community aspects of enjoying meals with loved ones. This is what we hope you will take with you after doing Lizzy’s Cleanses-beautiful on the inside AS WELL as the outside!



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