Tips to Restart your Cleanse Mode! | 想尝试清体?先来看看Lizzy的建议!

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Food can be our biggest asset or worst enemy when it comes to health. At Lizzy’s, our philosophy is that good, clean living food is preventative medicine and can help to heal the body.

食物可以强壮我们的身体也可以摧毁我们的健康。在Lizzy’s, 我们相信优质,纯净,天然的食物能治愈我们的身心。


How to tell if you need detox?Symptoms of toxin overload: Low energy, Brain fog, Excess weight, Poor sleep quality, Skin breakouts, dull complexion, Lackluster hair,Chronic conditions,Disease



Goals of cleansing:

Reduce toxin load (by cutting out acid forming foods)

Nourish liver, clean blood of metals/ plastics/ impurities (adding in loads of cruciferous vegetables, antioxidant-rich fruits) ;Increase alkalinity levels in body;Introduce high levels of fiber to diet;Restrict calories and complexity of foods to be digested ;Eliminate cravings




Prepping for your cleanse:Start from a clean DIET !

  • The cleanse does not start on the morning you open your first green smoothie but long before! Prime your body over the days leading up for by reducing (ideally cutting out if you can!) the following acid forming foods:Meat,Dairy,Alcohol,Sugar清体前的准备工作, 从改善饮食开始。清体并不仅限于你的清体套餐,随时随地,如果你的身体需要你都可以从去除酸性食物来开始你的清体之旅,酸性食物比如:肉,奶,酒精,糖。
  • Aim to follow a simple Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) Diet – where the majority of foods you’re taking in are grown in the earth, fresh, and living. This is not necessarily a totally vegetarian diet but as much as you can manage.设定目标尝试一次“纯天然植物性饮食”,多吃些地里种植的,新鲜的,有生命力的食物。不需要全部都是素食,但可以尽可能多的加大比例。


  • Any meats or fish you may eat should be prepared simply (no rich sauces etc.) and from a responsible supplier (wild caught, grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free…)如果你吃鱼肉类,尽可能选择简单,清淡爽口的做法,少酱料,多去品尝食物原本的味道。选择更靠谱的食品供应商(肉类请注意选择散养的,草饲的,无激素的,天然的)
  • Focus on eating water-rich fruits and veggies like cucumber, celery, watermelon, romaine lettuce etc.多多的吃水分充足的蔬果如同黄瓜,芹菜,西瓜,罗马生菜等
  • Drink 2+ Liters of water per day or herbal tea每天喝2升的水或者花茶
  • Load up on these liver-detoxifying veggies in particular:Asparagus,Arugula,Onion family / Fennel,Turmeric / Ginger,Carrots,Broccoli,Spinach / Kale / Mustard greens,Beetroot,Basil / Coriander / Dill,Romaine lettuce,Avocado多吃一些帮助肝脏排毒的蔬菜:如果芦笋,芝麻菜,洋葱家族/茴香,姜黄/生姜,胡萝卜,西兰花,菠菜/羽衣甘蓝/荠菜,甜菜根,罗勒/香菜/莳萝,长叶莴苣,牛油果。


Sample one day pre-cleanse menu: 


  • Starting the day with a big glass of water with lemon (can also add in some cayenne or mint).
  • Breakfast: Apple with a spoonful of almond butter
  • Lunch: Big salad with lots of low-starch veg
  • Snack: Miso soup
  • Dinner: Kale salad with lentils and raw veggies
  • Try to drink a green smoothie for breakfast tomorrow. Start to ease your body into craving greens in the morning.
  • 早起一杯柠檬水(可以加上南美胡椒粉和薄荷)
  • 早餐:苹果和一勺杏仁酱
  • 午餐:一大份蔬菜色拉(选择低淀粉的蔬菜哦)
  • 能量补充:豆腐味增汤
  • 晚餐:羽衣甘蓝色拉,扁豆和各种生蔬
  • 第二天早上:一杯绿色蔬果昔唤醒你的肠胃,让你每天早上都爱上绿色的感觉!

Now you know how to start your cleanse day, eat better feel better! Set your green goal now! Never too late to start your healthy journey! And if you want to know more about our cleanse programme, join our next 5-day group cleanse on Nov.28th -Dec.2nd,Please see the poster below for more information!



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