Lizzy’s Emergency Travel Kit Takes Flight!

Lizzy’s Emergency Travel Kit Takes Flight!


Lizzy’s is thrilled to officially launch our Travel Kit sets, a pack you can carry on for your next plane, train or automobile trip! The set consists of 10 superfood smoothies and elixir shots, all in travel approved containers. The Kit is conveniently carried in a cooler bag with an ice pack to keep your drinks fresh no matter how many hours your trip might take. Drink them throughout your trip to boost your immune system and keep hydrated, as well as to ward off hunger, which often leads to poor food choices (hello Cinnabon!!). Depending on the length of your trip, these drinks alone may provide enough nourishment to last until your next destination. With such delicious flavors that you have come to know and love, such as Paradise Island and our famous Coconut milk, we have made it easy to stay healthy on the road (or in the sky!!). In addition to the drinks, we have included your “Passport to Health”, a short booklet which gives our suggestions as to how and when to take the drinks.  Kindly order in advance for pick-up or delivery from our Anken Flagship or Yongkang Pop Up shops. Preorder by calling our kitchen 150-0027-8327 or messaging us on WeChat. One day advance is preferred to guarantee availability. So Eat Better, Feel Better, Fly Better-with Lizzy’s Emergency Travel Kit, we have you covered-Bon Voyage!!

-After many successful trips through airport security with our kits in-hand, we are certain that you will not encounter any problems. However, in the unfortunate event that you are unable to travel with your kit, please let us know and we will gladly credit your account.


Lizzy’s 旅行套装正式发售啦!无论是飞行,火车还是自驾,Ta将成为你每次旅行的忠实伴侣。在我们的便携套装中10个新鲜手作蔬果昔以及迷你能量罐,附赠的冰袋将为您锁住时刻的美味。在整段旅行中,你将不再为枯燥的飞行环境和无味的飞机餐烦恼,Lizzy’s套装让您在旅行途中保持平衡营养吸收,调节身体机能并有效控制食欲,不再为有限的食物选择烦恼。




经过多次成功旅行经验,我们保证lizzy’s 的便携旅行套装绝对可以顺利通过检查。然而,如果遇到不顺利的经历,请及时联系我们,我们将尽心反馈给您。

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