Coconut Yogurt: Dairy Free Breakfast Treat!

Coconut Yogurt: Dairy Free Breakfast Treat!

White Background Coconut Yogurt #1

White Background Coconut Yogurt #1Coconut yogurt:

What is coconut yogurt? No, this is not artificially flavoured cow’s milk yogurt. Instead, we start with the meat of sweet young Thai coconuts that we blend it into rich homemade coconut “milk”, a dairy free alternative to cow’s milk. We then ferment this creamy, rich base with seven different strains of bacteria cultures that help to build good gut health, improve immunity and help fight illness. These are commonly known as Probiotics. Coconut meat is a magical whole food nutrient bomb – with medium chain fatty acids that promote immune, heart and digestive health as well as providing a sustained shot of energy that will carry you through your day or a demanding workout! The fermentation process allow for nutrients of the coconut to be more bio-available and nourishes your gut.

We’re currently offering Classic Coconut Yogurt as well as pots topped with Chia Blueberry or Mango Compote. Enjoy with a scoop of freshly made Almond Quinoa granola and you’ve got yourself the ideal pick-me-up.

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