We are Lizzy’s All Natural, a healthy lifestyle brand based in Shanghai, China. We are here to offer you the most delicious and healthy methods for living well in this amazing city!



Lizzy’s smoothies are nutrient dense whole foods blends made with the freshest and cleanest ingredients.


Cleanse Sets

A complete nutrition full detox program based on superfood blends crafted to promote internal detoxification, longevity, alkalinity, and immunity.

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Power Bowls

Fresh-made blends that taste like healthy ice-cream with Superfood sprinkles.

Bliss Ball Platter


Lizzy’s offers energizing sets that fuel any meeting or party. Let us deliver to your office to boost productivity and fill up the team’s energy for the day!

Meet Lizzy

Meet Lizzy

Our brand was founded by Elizabeth “Lizzy”, an American Holistic Health Coach and serial entrepreneur. All of our food and drinks are created by Elizabeth, drawing on her background in nutrition and passion for making healthy taste delicious with the best quality ingredients out there.